Become a licensed Quid® Partner - introduce proven and modern marketing concepts to your customers. Convince your customers to implement sales promotion with smartphones. Register your company as an agency and conduct hyperlocal marketing campaigns for your customers. Contact us to find out more.

Benefits and advantages
A new marketing channel for hyperlocal sales promotion offers you the opportunity to position yourself in a future-oriented business area at an early stage:
  • Comprehensive portfolio: Offer your customers comprehensive sales promotion via smartphones. With Quid® you can increase your sales and increase customer loyalty.
  • Value-added services: Campaigning across traditional channels, such as billboards or digital inscriptions, can be easily integrated with Quid® campaigns, delivering substantially better results.
The benefits of Quid® sales promotion via smartphones are considerable:
  • Better results: Adaptive promotions, depending on location, time, age, and gender, are more effective than traditional campaigns.
  • Greater reach: you reach more new customers.
  • Automated: Fast and efficient execution and comprehensive reporting.
  • Efficient reduction of expenditures for printing means such as letters, vouchers, brochures, newspapers. Simplification and reduction of administrative and logistical effort, including logistics for their delivery.
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